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This bookmarklet adds checkboxes for each document in Your Kindle Library and a button that deletes the documents that you marked for deletion. Here's what you got to do:
  1. Read the Warning below and drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. It's called Favorites in Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Your Kindle Library and click your newly installed Check & Delete bookmarklet.
  3. Checkboxes will be added in front of your document titles. Mark documents that you want deleted.
  4. Make sure you checked the right documents because there's no confirmation. Once you click Bulk Delete the marked documents are gone for good.
  5. Find Bulk Delete button next to the page navigation (just below the documents listing) and click it.


Before you start using this bookmarklet, you should understand why including a third party javascript to your Amazon page is risky. This is in fact true about all bookmarklets that link to some other server and download javascript from it. My bookmarklet does it as well as MDKI mentioned below. The linked code will have the same permissions that you have yourself. It can "click" links and do stuff in your Amazon account. You really have to trust the script author that he's not going to do anything bad. Verifying the code is a good thing to do but will not save your bacon for ever. The author can change the script at any time and you won't be able to tell. Or a hacker can break into the script hosting website and add malicious code without the script author having a clue. That's why I link myk-check-delete.js from I hope that Google's server will be more difficult to hack :-)

Now drag this link to your bookmarks:

Check & Delete

This is the content of the bookmarklet in an easy to read format:
var isCDLoaded;
if (typeof(isCDLoaded) == 'undefined') {
  js = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
  js.type = 'text/javascript';
  js.src = '//';
  js.onload = js.onreadystatechange = function() {
    js = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
    js.type = 'text/javascript';
    js.src = '';

  isCDLoaded = true;

The bookmarklet loads jQuery from Google CDN plus a short script that adds the checkboxes and the button.
Here's the content of this script (up-to-date content fetched dynamically):
$(document).ready(function() {
  $('.firstCol').css('width', 'auto');
      .css('white-space', 'nowrap')
      .prepend('<input type="checkbox" name="asin" value="'+$(this).attr('asin')+'">');

  $('#pagination').prepend('<input type="button" id="bulkDelete" value="Bulk Delete">');
  $('#bulkDelete').click(function() {
    $('input[name=asin]:checked').each(function() {
//      alert($(this).val());


If what you need is to delete all documents that match a particular name, you should try Mass Destroy Kindle Items. Update: The website no longer exists, spammers have taken over the domain.

The idea for this project came from a small piece of code posted to this forum thread. Bookmarklet implementation inspired by MDKI.

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